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Superiority of the in-home, one-on-one tutoring model is obvious

The Tutor Doctor platform offers many advantages compared to the traditional "learning center" tutoring model, including:

We come to you. Tutoring takes place in the privacy, comfort and convenience of your home. No longer is your time wasted by dropping off, waiting and picking up your child from a learning center.

Our in-home model offers students a stress-free environment for learning. They can progress at their own pace and are free from the peer pressure found in a classroom setting. By removing the fear of failure, students become comfortable, confident and eager to learn.

Our one-on-one programs are tailored to your needs. This includes scheduling the tutoring sessions around your lifestyle. Lesson times can be arranged to fit into the hectic family schedule, which means extra-curricular activities can be more easily coordinated while the student receives the academic support he or she needs.

Why pay for your student to continue their learning in a classroom environment when they can receive customized instruction from Tutor Doctor One-on-one learning has been proven to be the very best way to help children improve their understanding, confidence and grades. This is due to the fact that a Tutor Doctor tutor will identify your student's dominant learning style, tailor instruction to that learning style and provide your student 100% of their attention.

Our students are enjoying the tangible results a one-on-one program provides. Based on metrics tracked across our enrolled student base, our pre-enrollment A-B students have improved their grades an average of 10% since enrolling with Tutor Doctor, while our C-F students have improved their grades an average of 20%!

Unmatched Tutor Talent
Our tutors are passionate about teaching, highly qualified in their subject matter and screened by Tutor Doctor based on principles prescribed by the National Tutoring Association and our company's 12+ years of experience.

Our tutors include certified teachers, retired teachers, graduate students and professionals in fields such as business, science and engineering. Our tutors possess specialized qualifications such as Special Education certification and experience working with various learning and behavioral disorders.

We believe the quality of our tutors is unmatched in the marketplace as a result of our rigorous recruiting process. We interview up to 10 tutor candidates per week, yet only hire 2-3, selecting only the best candidates to be a Tutor Doctor tutor. This disciplined approach enables us to make an ideal match with our students and provides us an exceptional bench of talent that is unavailable to the individual student or family searching for a tutor on their own.

An Integrated Approach.
Our tutors use the student's homework as the core curriculum for helping them succeed in the classroom. Traditional tutoring centers provide very little individualization as they use a set curriculum that's over and above the student's existing homework. This creates a further burden on a child who's already behind, by adding to their overall work load.

We believe contact with a student's teachers is an important part of a supplemental learning program. Our tutors reach out to the teacher from the beginning in order to get the teacher's assessment of the student's strengths, areas requiring improvement and performance in the classroom. Combined with the assessment tests performed by your Tutor Doctor Education Consultant during our free initial consultation and the tutor's own observations, our tutors are able to develop a thorough, highly-personalized learning program for your student.

Each Tutor Doctor program is custom-designed to meet the student's specific needs, objectives and personality. By working with the student's current coursework, we ensure progress is made in the current semester, trimester or quarter. This focus on current requirements is complemented by identifying and rebuilding missing or weak foundations from prior years. We call this our Building Block Approach to learning. By focusing on rebuilding missing building blocks, we give our students the tools they need to continue their learning with independence and confidence.

Tutor Doctor offers a superior value proposition in the marketplace based on the following platform:

Exceptional results

  • In-home convenience with flexible scheduling
  • Unmatched tutor talent
  • A collaborative approach to learning involving student, tutor, teacher and parent
  • Affordable pricing with flexible, interest-free payment plans

Sep 29, 2014
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