High School Tutoring

High School Tutoring

Language Arts Tutoring

Are writing assignments causing you or your student overwhelming stress? Tutor Doctor offers a variety of tutors specialized in Language Arts, AP English and other electives. Language Arts courses become even more critical in high school and can be a limiting factor when it comes to success in high school and on University entrance exams. Whether it is expressing ideas or communicating facts, students must be able to complete term papers or essay tests in a timely, grammatically correct and organized manner.

The challenge for most students is being able to organize their thoughts and get those ideas from their heads to the paper or keyboard. This is where Tutor Doctor can excels. Our tutors can work with you and your teacher to determine what you need to develop the skills necessary to significantly improve your Language Arts and writing skills.

Math Tutoring

At Tutor Doctor, we continually see students who are missing a key math skill that has not been established from some earlier point in time. This missing building block becomes magnified as the math becomes more complex, incorporating calculus, trigonometry and advanced geometry concepts. The result is a frustrated and lost student.

Tutor Doctor will help identify and rebuild the student's math foundation while also helping with his or her existing homework.

Chemistry, Physics, Biology and General Science Tutoring

Science can be one of the most intimidating and difficult subjects to tackle. Tutor Doctor will work with your student one-on-one to develop well rounded skills for chemistry, biology, physics, and general science subjects. We can help put your student back on track for graduation or springboard to University credits.

Whether your need is with basic science or the more advanced courses, contact Tutor Doctor to get the high school tutoring assistance that is right for your high school student.

French Language and ESL Tutoring

Now more than ever students are continuing with French language instruction throughout their high school career. Also, many students just entering our high school system require additional support with English language acquisition. Tutor Doctor can provide tutors to help with both French and ESL programs. We can also provide ESL support to adult students.

Enrichment Tutoring

At Tutor Doctor, we can help students improve even when they are already excelling in the classroom. Tutor Doctor will customize a solution for your student to help them move forward in their curriculum using our proven one-on-one in home approach.

Oct 09, 2014
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